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    Hello, I'm Rebecca Bartlett.

    My psychic practice has the mission of assisting clients to uncover and resolve health, relationship, career and emotional issues as well as to discover precise information about those around themselves. Practice limited to one-on-one private, in person, or telephone sessions consisting of interaction between the Psychic and the client without the use of “props” or the sale of products.

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"Everything Rebecca says is far too specific to be considered lucky or vague. You'll shake her hand, step inside her office and immediately feel as though she's known you intimately for years. She's helped me tackle issues at home and in my career. I've left feeling refreshed every time."
~Helen Daniels


“Update: I had my most recent reading January 2012. I wanted information regarding my grandson’s upcoming visit to Mexico City as an exchange student [for three weeks]. Rebecca stated that there would be an earthquake while he was there and that communications would be out of service for a while. Just found out that there was a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Mexico that was felt in Mexico City. Communications are indeed down as we have been trying to call for the past hour. Hard to imagine a more accurate prediction.”
~Dianna Saffron, Cincinnati, Ohio