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“You have a very advanced read.
I can feel the lightness of your soul. It’s beautiful work.” ~ Sarah, Therapist


Psychometry is the psychic sense of touch.  When people have worn something there is a discharge of energy that gets left on the object. Reading people through an object (photo, clothing, watch) allows me to pick up a connection.

Remote viewing is a clairsense that enables me to view things at a distance.  Using clairvoyance (remote viewing) I will scan your surroundings, bringing certain weaknesses and vulnerabilities to your attention. This way I can alert you to concrete things that you are in control of in your immediate environment, particularly your home, vehicle(s), workplace and/or coworkers.


Precognition means knowing future events through psychic means. Clients have been confirming for me over the past twenty years that many of my predictions – no matter how unexpected – have come true.

Medical Intuition

I am able to sense the condition someone is in, mentally, physically and emotionally.  This can be performed in person or in phone readings.
Please do not tell me any medical information about yourself up front.  Instead, ask me a question, such as: “Do you detect any medical problems in my body?”  I will pick up on and describe specific symptoms, but I do not diagnose.


“I am so stunned! THANK YOU. You are the premium. You are like an AK-47 – ddu, ddu, ddu – rapid fire; you just cut right through.”

~ Karla, Nurse

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