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Brown County's roadside rambling roses

Brown County’s roadside rambling roses

“The first reading I had with Rebecca possibly saved our house from a fire. She said to be aware of an electrical issue in the kitchen, mentioning an appliance. At that time we had finished updating our kitchen and all appliances were new or barley used.
A few weeks later my husband brought down an old toaster that was his mothers. It was very retro -and – in perfect shape.
I forgot about her warning. Shortly we found the end of the cord covered by the toaster’s housing had bare wires. One day while using it, it shorted out. If we had not been close in the area it could have possibly been a major fire.

Reading number two, several years later, Rebecca kept coming back to an area in the back of the house. After checking the area we found an electrical switch had cracked and split exposing bare wires. We would not have caught that if I had not had the warning from Rebecca. I now will always check out her information.

Also in that reading she said my mom had a message for me, showed her a rose and the message was to be true to my own needs and it was time to move on to what I truly wanted to do. I was thinking of selling my business and questioning myself if I should sell a very profitable but demanding business and start doing what I love to do – my art. The validation was that I had told no one of my wishes to sell the business and to focus on my love of art. The other was my mom’s name is Rosalind but everyone called her Rosie. A month later I had two offers on my business. Three months later it was sold and I found the perfect person to move the business to the next level and my Art studio is up and running.

I feel very bless that I have found Rebecca to help answer questions that I can’t find the answer to and to give me the peace of mind to take care of issues before they come about by checking out the information she gives.

~Susan Three Hawks

“Rebecca was very serious, yet unyieldingly caring when I met her in person; I liked that about my visit with her. More importantly, she simultaneously conveyed a sense of humility and confidence. She was almost 100% accurate with my medical history. A rather impressive feat. Also, Rebecca was able to hone in on my personality and help me think about what I should be doing with my life. Overall, I enjoyed my visit with her and felt like I learned a lot (and one can never learn too much). And, she confirmed some of what I suspected to be true. I would certainly recommend an appointment (or two!) with Rebecca for those who sometimes feel like they are lost in the world.”

~ J.C.
University Professor

“Update: I had my most recent reading January 2012. I wanted information regarding my grandson’s upcoming visit to Mexico City as an exchange student [for three weeks]. Rebecca stated that there would be an earthquake while he was there and that communications would be out of service for a while. Just found out that there was a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Mexico that was felt in Mexico City. Communications are indeed down as we have been trying to call for the past hour. Hard to imagine a more accurate prediction.”
~ Dianna Saffron
Cincinnati, Ohio
“While doing a body scan you targeted a specific area that should be watched. Six months later, with very minor symptoms, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. Because of you I had scheduled a colonoscopy instead of ignoring it. Thankfully, I had surgery, and since it hadn’t spread, no chemotherapy was necessary. Thank you for my life, Rebecca.
~ B.
“If you are considering a session with an intuitive reader, I highly recommend Rebecca! Over the years I have had readings with many different readers, but I found my reading with Rebecca incredible. I’ve had a few readings with Rebecca now and each spot on with whatever happens to be going on in my life at the moment. A few months ago Rebecca told me that I would have to change jobs at work and that this had to do with a man at work, but that it would only be temporary and would actually feel somewhat like a break to me. I told her during my reading that that was unlikely as I’m the person in charge during my shift and because of my home life I would not be able to change shifts. Also, my field is female dominated so in the moment my job having something to do with a man did not make much sense to me. Rebecca simply reiterated that this is what she saw. However, soon after this reading the man in charge of a different unit but still in our dept. and on my same shift had to have surgery and I was the person qualified to work his unit which I ended up doing for about a month. And the change did feel like a break to me. I laughed when this situation unfolded because I honestly did not see how what Rebecca predicted could possibly happen but it did. My sister has also had a reading from her… If you are thinking of having a reading I would recommend giving Rebecca a try!”~ Dawn
“Two years ago I had a deeply healing session with Rebecca. At the time I was going through a very painful breakup and felt like I needed answers from someone I could trust. Rebecca went above and beyond my expectations. She gave me information about my present situation, about my ex, and even began to speak about future events in our individual lives. Recently, I have peacefully reconnected with my ex and through our conversations found out that Rebecca’s predictions were CORRECT. She said to me that he would struggle in relation to women for a while, but meet someone in about a year. She would be African American and have a child, and this relationship would be good for him. He confirmed all of this: he was celibate for a year, connected with an African American woman with a 15 year old daughter, and that his relationship with this woman and her daughter is very positive.In our session, Rebecca then addressed my question about what I can do to heal. WOW. She gave such a specific and lengthy list of ways I can- and have- expanded my physical and emotional health, which made a huge impact on my mental focus and energy level. She also said making costumes would be good to do, which spontaneously manifested in my life and I have enjoyed immensely! I made costumes for my dance teacher’s troupe in California… I am very grateful for both the information Rebecca provided me and the care in which she presented it. I look forward to seeing her again!”
~ Abby
Bloomington, IN
“My mother and I visited you last weekend (October 20, 2013) on our day trip to Nashville and I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience. If I’m being completely honest, it was my mother’s idea to schedule a reading with you. I went along (as a skeptic) to be supportive and spend time with her. I initially viewed the idea of talking to a psychic as something that would be entertaining at best. Sort of a, “why not?” approach.
I have to say, from the second you started my reading, I was blown away. The reading was not vaguely based on questions you had asked or information you could’ve inferred superficially. It was so specific, and you knew things that there was no way that anyone could’ve known who didn’t know me personally and intimately. When the time came for me to ask questions, you answered them so confidently and specifically, and even differently than I would’ve thought. You made some very specific professional, romantic and health predictions that I’m anxious to experience. One I already know has come true. I asked about my admittance to a medical school in Michigan and you told me I would hear from them in “eleven days.” I wasn’t expecting to hear from them for another two months. You were spot on.
One of my Master’s Degrees is in Biology – I’m a scientist. I need a great deal of undeniable evidence to be convinced of any conclusion, and you made a believer out of me. I would recommend anyone talk to you should they have any questions or struggles at all.
It’s also worth mentioning that not only was the reading impressive, but you were kind, compassionate and welcoming. Another aspect of the reading that my mother and I both appreciated.~ S.L MS, MPH

“From the first time seeing Rebecca when I was a college student, she has been spot on. She knew many things about my past and gave me predictions for the future, many of which have come true. My friend who came with me had a friend with a sister who had just passed away suddenly from a blood clot. She took a picture of her friend, and without giving any information Rebecca knew that she had had a recent tragedy happen in her life. She knew that her sister had died from something to do with her heart. She also said that the deceased sister was “sitting around a table celebrating something”— the day we went to her was her birthday. She saw elephants and the word blue—the sister collected elephants and nicknamed her younger sister “Blue”. She asked my friend if she knew why she was seeing yellow tulips, and she said no. But later on she told the parents about her experience with Rebecca and they said the past week they had been to her grave and there were fresh yellow tulips. She has been right about many things that have happened in the past and with her predictions for my future. There are too many examples to name. I now live in Mississippi but still do phone readings with her once a year—yesterday being my fifth year. She is always comforting to me as I worry about my future. She truly cares about the things you are going through and truly wants to help you better your life. She has a great heart and a great gift. I HIGHLY recommend a reading with Rebecca to anyone, you will not be disappointed.”


“When my daughter, Rebecca, first started making predictions in her teens I rather dismissed them. I had no experience with psychics either bad or good and no opinion on whether they were legitimate or not. She continued her interest in the field but we never considered it a serious vocational path for her. She attended college and also a couple of medical training programs…I knew she was giving readings to colleagues and acquaintances and she was reporting excellent results. Still, until I went into business myself, opening an art studio/gallery, I didn’t encourage her. The space I rented had a separate small room attached so I offered to have her sublet it and start her psychic business. From the start she did well, and listening to her clients coming out, I could see she was into something there. I heard from so many of her incredible abilities and no longer was I a skeptic! She was reading professionals: nurses, law enforcement officials and professors along with folks from every profession. Their comments and testimonials convinced me that she was a true psychic. I know she helped them and that helping people is a strong motivator for her. Since then, I have encouraged her.One incident that really proved Rebecca’s ability to me took place a couple of years ago when I was preparing to drive two hours south to teach a workshop. She told me the day before to take an axe because a tree would be down across the road. The next morning when I drove around the corner, there it was a huge tree across the road that had come down during the night! There wasn’t even a storm so she had no way of knowing that would happen.Rebecca’s journey to becoming a professional psychic is a good example of what the Buddhists call Right Livelihood. Happiness comes from practicing what you love to make your living. Not all of us can do that, and for many years she certainly didn’t. Since she started doing what she was meant to do, she has become a new person, happier, fulfilled through helping others, and always looking to a better future.”~ A. H.,

“I called Rebecca frantic because I misplaced $3,500. I didn’t know what to do. I was lost! I didn’t know if there was anything I could do.
Right then by phone she said, “Hang on a minute.” She was quiet a minute, then she said “I see shoes. Its somewhere in a shoe.” Then she described a bag. I thought I had hidden it in a vase, but I went ahead and looked through all my shoeboxes for it and I still couldn’t find it. I was devastated.A couple weeks later I was sitting on the end of my bed when I happened to look up. Hanging over my door was a plastic shoe caddy. My bag of money was in a zip loc bag between two shoes! It was right where she said it was; I just overlooked it.”

~ Faith Wright

“I first met Rebecca in October 2012 at her Nashville office while visiting family. I was speechless and felt overwhelmingly relaxed when I left her office. Not knowing what to expect, I only said my name and the precise, detailed information Rebecca expressed from health, relationships, family and personal struggles of my life was incredible. The experience was something I had never had before. I scheduled another appointment before I returned to Texas. One of my questions was, “I live out of state. How does this work with phone readings?”
Rebecca responded, “A phone line does not inhibit the energy or connection I have.” I have called Rebecca via telephone 3 times since my physical visit with her. The experience is the same as being in her office with her. The list is endless of what she has told me about or predicted. When life events happen, I remember Rebecca telling me these life events during our conversations. Like many of us, my fault was I heard what she said, but did not listen. I am listening now.Rebecca has a true gift, a good heart, and is positive. What we do with this information is up to us. Do yourself a favor, don’t let distance or location stop you from contacting Rebecca. Readings via telephone are just as powerful and enlightening as being physically with Rebecca in her office. I understand it is hard for people to conceive that the energy is not conflicted by distance and a phone line, but I have experienced both. I have first-hand experiences of how precise she can be via telephone conversation with readings or sitting in her office.~ Betsy C., Texas

“I want to give my wholehearted testimonial for Rebecca Bartlett.
She has been consistently accurate in her intuitive observations with me.
In less than fifteen minutes on one occasion, she picked up on detailed symptoms and conditions of my cats that have plagued them their whole lives. These tidbits weren’t just one or two pieces of information nestled in a bunch of generalities, but all of the problems with which they have struggled, the reasons for them, and how I might help lessen their suffering. They were revealed without prompting or descriptive prelude from me.
Rebecca then went on to hone in on an area of my body that has caused me discomfort. I have never discussed any of this with her or anyone in my new community.
I have known or worked with physicians, holistic practitioners, therapists, native medicine men, psychiatrists, psychics, mediums and channels, all of whom were respected in their fields.
I have never met anyone more gifted or accurate than Rebecca as a medical intuitive or as one who perceives another’s individual nature and unique attributes. It is our great good fortune that she chooses to use her abilities that she has had from birth in the service of others.”~ Cinda Crull, MS, MDiv, MFT

“I was very skeptical about psychics. My best friend went to see Rebecca Bartlett and highly encouraged me to make an appointment. I told her I truly didn’t want to know what happens tomorrow, a month or in a year.Then Rebecca Bartlett’s predictions came true for my best friend. It made me really start to reconsider my thoughts upon psychics. Some events that happened in my life made the timing right for me to have a session with Rebecca Bartlett.At the start of my session, Rebecca Bartlett had me spot on with her name reading. Rebecca Bartlett did a body scan and was even able to tell me I had recently had a change in my eyesight, which was completely true. I believe this is one of Rebecca Bartlett’s strong suits.After the body scan we moved to the metallic-object reading where Rebecca Bartlett told me I start and stop my life a lot. This is true because I am a soldier in the Indiana National Guard and have had to start and stop my life since 2001.

She also was able to tell me about the pain I felt as a result of being “abandoned” by my mother at a young age. My mother left me at 8-months-old.

Before I asked one question, Rebecca Bartlett told me she wanted no background information, or she wouldn’t be doing her job.

I asked her if I should volunteer to go on a deployment with my new unit because I would have to sign a waiver for my three years dwell time. She told me no. She said I would not be doing what I think I would be doing as far as my job title and I would be working with explosives, would be there longer than anticipated and would come home with a small hand injury.

The job I was currently assigned was in Operations – so basically a desk job. I saw her in mid-January. By March I was informed by command that if I deployed with the unit I would not be in Operations. I would be a push-out. I asked what the push-outs would be doing. My command said they didn’t know.

I turned down the deployment. Then by May I was sent to a Master Trainer course for mine detection. When I completed the course I called the unit and said now that I am a Master Trainer who am I training? They said I would be training the push-outs for the deployment, or anyone in the state that would need the skill set.

Rebecca Bartlett was spot on because I couldn’t have known I would be working with explosives. The predictions Rebecca made, the Army couldn’t even tell me.

The last thing I will share about my session is I asked for a personal profile of someone I knew that I had been worried about. Rebecca Bartlett zeroed in on her from far away without knowing one clue. She said the person has insomnia, left hip problems, her heart muscle just isn’t what it used to be, that she is depressed, feels detached and could use some frozen or left over home cooked meals, also some pet therapy.

The woman I inquired about is 85- years-old. I knew her heart muscle was not in great shape because she has a cow valve located in her heart and is in and out of the hospital with all kinds of heart issues. So I wasn’t sure about the rest other than I already took her meals and leave my cat with her on drill weekends. I went home and played the recording to this lady’s daughter.

She was floored when I played it back she turned ghost white. She said her mom was an insomniac and she has hip problems.

She wasn’t sure which side, so she called right then and there and asked which side her hip hurt. Sure enough, it was the left side.”

~ Staff SGT,
United States Army

“I asked Rebecca when my daughter’s fiancé was going to be back from Iraq. She told me it would be the middle of January 2011.He flew in on the afternoon of the 14th of January.”~ Sue Jordan
Bloomington, Indiana

“If you are thinking about having a psychic reading, I HIGHLY recommend you take a trip to Nashville, IN and see Rebecca. She has been instrumental in my life since my first reading with her last year.My first visit with her, I gave her a ring I was wearing, which had belonged to an ex. The energy she received from that ring gave her a vision of a trip to Hot Springs in my future, within the next 6 months. I knew that seemed unlikely as I knew of only one Hot Springs and that was in Arkansas. However, within 4 months of my reading, my ex went to Hot Springs in NC with someone.The next time I went to see Rebecca, I had just had a tubal ligation and my stitches had just fallen out. She did a body scan on me and said I was healing in my reproductive system and it was healing very well. There was no way she could have known that. I was fully clothed and there was no visible scar.

My readings with Rebecca help guide me in my journey through life and have been more helpful than any therapist I have seen. I am so thankful to have her as a resource in my life!

~ Theresa S.

“One of the best things on the horizon for mankind is the acceptance that there are certain people with gifts we cannot yet fully explain. There are those that walk before us who are stunningly more awake than the rest of us. I have been trying to heal my life for ten years, and I definitely stumbled onto a short-cut when I ran into Rebecca. At almost fifty years old, it has been the most significant healing of my life. I definitely stumbled onto a short-cut when I ran into Rebecca. Reading, “The Gentle Messenger” following my healing, I knew I was reading fascinating truth. I recommend anyone to trust the contents of this book and to read it, either before, or after, your belly full of Rebecca Bartlett’s healing sessions.Note: Regarding Rebecca’s ability as a medical intuitive: I had never had this done before, but it was part of her session, and she nailed every single thing that has ever been wrong, or was presently wrong, and what she felt I need to keep an eye on in the future.

Rebecca’s gift is such a vastly unique and extraordinary experience. I have some friends going to Rebecca now, and they immediately want to go back, too!

~ K. Strohm ,Carmel, Indiana

“We have four house cats that never go outside, but one evening, Bunny, the youngest, turned up missing. We searched all over the house and outside, but could not find Bunny. And after two more days of frantic searching, there was still no sign of Bunny. At that point we contacted Rebecca.The only information we could give Rebecca was Bunny’s name; we had no photo of her. We were not even sure what day she disappeared. Rebecca said that Bunny was-at that moment-not that far away near a pink house with a billboard type of sign to her left and a very small bridge to her right. She was in good condition and would most likely return home during the night five days from then.We found a pink house and that type of sign about a block away from home, but did not find Bunny. We kept looking day after day and still did not find her-until on exactly the fifth night-there she was- sitting outside in the backyard, a little thinner but in good shape and home as predicted.

That reading really took the edge off things when we heard about it and then became stratospheric when your prediction came true.”

~ M. A. Jones

“Rebecca’s talent is truly amazing. When I visited her, she told me things about my family and boyfriend that I thought were maybe a little bit off… but asking them later, they said that everything she said was one hundred percent true. There is absolutely no way she could be “cold-reading” these things; I didn’t even know them myself! She knew that my sister has anger problems and is allergic to peanut butter, that my boyfriend used to stutter and that he loves puns and is a great artist, that mother had a painful relationship with her mother (something I was not aware of). Either Rebecca has had constant surveillance of my life for the past 30 years, or she has an incredible gift. I know what I believe! She also told me a little bit of what the future holds for me. She made me feel much more at ease, and now I don’t worry so much about the future. I would highly recommend that anyone thinking of visiting Rebecca just go ahead and do it. You’ll be amazed by the things you learn. Thank you, Rebecca, for all the help you’ve given me!”

~ Claire
University student

“I have been attending sessions with Rebecca for almost two years and I have never found anyone with more accurate and specific predictions. Before meeting Rebecca I was skeptical of mediums and for the most part I only believed in alternative forms of healing such as Reiki. I saw her office in Nashville, Indiana with two other friends and we decided to each have a session with her. I left the first time as I have after each session, amazed, relaxed, hopeful and empowered. I have not only remained with Rebecca because of her ability to predict future occurrences but also because of her uncanny ability to read a person which enables her to help them resolve their problems and issues. I am definitely one of these people. Her sessions in my experience are a combination of clairvoyance and therapy, but she is better than a therapist because she can actually answer your questions and/or concerns regarding the future. I always leave with a great sense of peace because she has always guided me towards the right decision and her predictions have been consistently and eerily accurate.She does not speak in general terms nor does she attempt to extract personal details of your life in order to concoct predictions. I sincerely recommend her because she has helped me a great deal in my life and my hope is that she may be able to reach more people. Being a law student at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law can be an emotional, spiritual, mental and physical drain and I am grateful that I came upon Rebecca to help me through these experiences and important decisions in my life.”

~ A grateful law school student

“WE ARE HAVING A BABY! Just like you said ’13 months from now,’ which was back in late September…and I’m due October 8th.
We are so excited to be on this incredible adventure to parenthood. Thank you for the reassurance we needed to move forward.
Feeling so blessed.
~ Erica

“My first visit with Rebecca was amazing. While on a visit to Nashville, Indiana, I saw a sign for Rebecca and decided to seek advice.I was well impressed with her. The floor collapsing due to flood waters she picked up on right away. On returning home several of the things she spoke of started to come true. She said a fraud case would happen and it did. A pain in my leg would come about and it did, a pinched nerve in my back causing the pain. I would recommend seeking her out to anyone who is considering a psychic. She is awesome.”

~ Elaine
Nashville, Tennessee

“I was looking for a psychic to help me look for my niece’s remains who was brutally murdered. called Rebecca. Knowing it was an emotional thing for me she talked to me many, many times on the phone. She in her kindness helped me through all of this journey without charging me any money. In attempting to discover what happened to my niece I told her nothing about the murder. Rebecca described for me how he did it and was exactly right. She asked me not to give her any details about anything. She told me!!!! She started by telling me different landmarks I should look for. Rebecca told us that within a triangle was where we needed to search. We used the landmarks and we found a perfect triangle. Rebecca told me it was a place he had been before and knew well. It was a place three miles from where she was murdered and the boyfriend knew the area as he did in fact used to hunt and fish there. We discovered that after we found the point of interest. There were many other clues she gave us but I’m not listing them all here. Rebecca worked hard to help me. I have never had anyone I could relate as easily to as Rebecca. She was so helpful and wonderful. She is truly a gifted lady.”

~ P. Armstrong
North Vernon, In

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet with Rebecca Bartlett quite a few times in the past few years and have really come to appreciate and respect her God-given talent as a psychic. She comes from a very good place and has a wonderful heart.My first reading with her blew me away with some details she brought up that she couldn’t have known ahead of time. My father had passed and I wanted a connection. She got “in tune” with him and told me he was thankful for a letter I had written to him after he passed away! No one knew of that note but me! She also told me about 2 babies my parents had lost…and indeed, my mom had had two miscarriages before I was born.I’ve had Rebecca on the air with me during the Retro Lunch Hour on B97 more than once and have been blown away at the connection she makes with listeners just through phone conversations!

Rebecca has a true talent, and I highly recommend her to family, friends, and anyone desiring a psychic reading.”

~ Pam Thrash
Radio and television personality
Bloomington, Indiana

“It was really strange how I met Rebecca. I was drawn in to her office by a sign. I was thinking I will just check to see how much it might be, but it turned out she was really nice, could tell I needed to talk, and said she would help me out at no cost… We chatted for a bit about how my baby was and how people were going to take it when they found out, and she told me it was going to be a boy as well as information about the future ahead. Then she said she felt my grandfather’s energy was in the room and someone named Bill. That’s when I realized that she was serious because they both died very recently and she wouldn’t have used a name if she wasn’t certain. My father’s name was Bill.She was very exact on everything she told me. I really enjoyed the visit and I will go back. I got a cold sweat as soon as I walked in. She is very real. I would encourage anyone who wants to know more about themselves to go to her. She is kind and exact. Thank you, Rebecca. You really helped me a lot. I will definitely be seeing you again. :))”~ Anna

“I have been around intuitives for nearly 30 years, and I have never seen anyone do what Rebecca does. Just by moving her hands through the air around my body, she picked up on specific physical conditions and even family issues from far, far back. When I need “inside information” in the future, I will certainly make an appointment with Rebecca.”
~ Joy S.
Bloomington, Indiana

“Just wanted to let you know that a few months ago (or maybe last year) you said that my husband would get a fantastic job offer in the Northwest and it would be a real home run for him. You said he will feel like he has gone to the moon. Well, it happened; he just got that offer and it is in the Northwest. He couldn’t be more excited. Thanks again for the accurate information!We have spoken many times in person and on the phone- most recently in Feb or March of this year. At that time I asked you about the sale of our house and how it might go. You mentioned that we would have a contract on the house that would fall through because one part of the couple would get cold feet about buying this house. Earlier this week we got a contract for full asking price and today they backed out because the wife was very reluctant to go through with it… I will call you again for another reading before the end of this year!”

~ Kelly D.

“I had a reading with Rebecca yesterday in Bloomington. Starting with her first sentence, she was right on target! At times, I got chills – she was so dead-on. She is amazing. Rebecca is truly blessed with a gift. The atmosphere is very calming. Her delivery is free-flowing and focused. She is very specific and told me things she could not possibly know. I cannot express just how much better I felt after the reading was over. I have a new focus and determination to proceed with my \”life rebuilding\”, thanks to her. This experience was an investment in my future and was well worth every cent…!”

~ Sharon K.
St. Louis, MO

“I have spent four years with American medical professionals that could not determine the cause of, control, or cure my medical issues. As such, I began looking for a legitimate medical intuitive for help and found Rebecca. She identified the root cause, the right doctor(s), and proper diet for me. She did not speak in generalities. This information was highly specific. She even spoke of a currently existing medical device, yet to be approved, that will revolutionize treatment of my condition.I followed her direction and everything happened just as she said it would. And now for the first time in years my condition is stable, under control and improving. In fact, during my first visit with a “new” doctor, I was informed of a new medical device, just as she described, that is presently on the cusp of approval…When you contact Rebecca you will receive useable, concise, in depth, accurate information that goes well beyond anything you expected. Worth every penny and more.I hope she continues with this work. A heck of a lot of people out there will really benefit from it.”

~ C.S.

“Thank you again for the reading this past Friday. I wanted to let you know that as I listened to it again, it was very healing; I heard lots of things I missed the first time. I wanted to let you know that when we spoke of my friend, you mentioned a female in his past that he was a caretaker for. You saw that so accurately. The young male you mentioned about whom he constantly worries is his special needs son born very prematurely. You really helped shed some light on our relationship, your words were strengthened by the fact that you told me such specific things about his life and the type of person he is… Amazing! Thank you.Also thank you for making it such a relaxing experience. I felt calm and peaceful and much stronger when I left your office. I was quite nervous as this was my first consultation of this kind. Many thanks!

~ April

“I’m excited to know Rebecca Bartlett. In the visits I’ve had with Rebecca she really seemed to know very real things going on with family members… I have never told anyone that I’m scared in elevators…but while she was conversing (channeling) with my Dad, he said that he always holds my hand while in the elevator, since he knows that I’m afraid. Rebecca knew my mom’s name, and watched while she was playing cards with her friends “on the other side.” My mom was an avid card player her entire life. And, my mom had messages for other members of the family that only they and I could have known.The bottom line, though, is that Rebecca really cares about the people she works with. She’s gentle, kind and never pushes you into something you don’t want to know or hear about. When you leave it’s like you hate leaving a dear friend. I’m only hoping that more people meet Rebecca; several of my clients have, as I refer many folks to her from my Massage Therapy business…all of them have come back with raving compliments about Rebecca’s psychic abilities. If you have something holding you back, or you have questions about almost anything, Rebecca can help you with it, and if you have any unresolved issues with anyone from the other side, Rebecca is the lovely lady that can bridge the gap between Earth and the hereafter. I will be a loyal client as long as Rebecca is working in this area.”

~ Sue Shaver
Massage Therapist and retired Elementary School Art Teacher
Bloomington, Indiana

The intuitive medical reading that I received from Rebecca Bartlett was impressively intricate and detailed and pointed to possible conditions underlying my allergies and digestive issues. It enhanced my understanding of the overall condition and my ability to implement the medical treatment I am already receiving. With permission, I received a consultation for a family member. The information received was extremely accurate and helpful in seeing what was needed. Being able to continue working with Rebecca periodically will be an effective way to monitor progress during the healing process. Thank you, Rebecca, for being willing to help people with your talent in this way.”

~ J. M., Psychotherapist
North Carolina

“I get goosebumps when I think about how many times Rebecca has been accurate in her predictions with me. I have had two sessions with her, traveling all the way from the Cincinnati, Ohio area to get them!Within the content of both sessions she has been able to predict health issues with myself, my children and boyfriend. She told me about a new job I would be getting in the nursing profession, and that I would be working with children in some sort of clinic, which included benefits. Last week I was hired in a children’s home for severely mentally retarded children as a nurse, which includes benefits. She has told me information about all my relationships in my life…how these people affect me and has advised me on how to handle these relationships. She has predicted many things about my children and their personalities…all matching exactly how they are! She knows things about me that no one would have any way of knowing unless I told them. She truly is amazing and inspiring. I would only trust Rebecca to give me psychic readings. She is real, honest and accurate! I look forward to coming to see her again soon!

~ Lisa Anne
Cincinnati, OH

“When I asked about my son and his future, his health- his job- police officer [named his job position]. She was right about his swollen lymph nodes, allergies… Quickly Correct.”

~ Cheryl R.

“I had a phone reading with Rebecca as I live three hours away from Bloomington. She spoke with me concerning a wide range of issues/questions. From trading off a car to children and a relationship that had recently ended, Rebecca spoke with calm confidence and intention. She was able to ease my mind about a recent adoption in our family as well as accurately describe the gentleman I broke up with. She gave me guidance regarding an issue I was having with my car and advised me to trade my car as soon as possible. (I did and I’m thrilled with the new choice.) We covered so much in an hour, I still find myself thinking back to the reading and remembering details I had initially forgotten.I have seen a therapist for some time now, but never have I left that therapist’s office feeling as hopeful as I did when I hung up the phone after speaking with Rebecca.Now I am trying to coordinate a time to see Rebecca for an in-person consultation.”

~ Lisa R.

“I will always be grateful for the new perspectives and insight you have provided in both sessions (2011 & 2012). You have been so specific and correct about so many things in my life…Like the lump on my left breast (body scan); get a seat belt checked out (not working properly); backdoor lock (broken), and many personal things. I am looking forward to the other wonderful blessings you predicted in the near future. Rebecca, you are so angelic and just an overall amazing person. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me, my family, and friends. I will be calling for another appointment very soon!!
Sincere gratitude and respect,”

~ MG

“I’m pleased and thrilled to tell you that Rebecca was 98% accurate with my reading. So please sit back, relax and enjoy.”

~ Laurie Carter

“I am writing to thank you for reading me recently and to acknowledge your gift of clarity in the form of a testimonial. Though I have studied the intuitive arts, I never visited a professional psychic before I met you. I saw a sign in the window and was drawn to investigate, leaving myself an out in case I felt uncomfortable. I worried about finding the fortune teller who only speaks in generalities. Instead, I immediately felt a connection in your presence. I could feel a genuine caring from you and concern for my well-being. The down to earth, casual atmosphere and your warm smile provided a comfort level I knew I could trust. Still I didn’t expect the level of details you provided. You described my personality exactly and what I was going through without any prompting. You described not only my husband’s personality, but you pegged him physically as well, which gave credibility to the other details you gave me. The details you were able to give me were in no way generic. They were real – specifically for me. You gave me insights into what he was thinking as well as how I felt about it. These details gave me confidence that the other things you told me might indeed be true…You somehow picked up that my husband was having me followed and gave me the ethnicity, color and make of vehicle belonging to this person. At first I was shocked by this news, then I dismissed it because surely no psychic can be 100% right. I left, believing everything else you said, except that. Then, I remembered a trip I took in which I thought it strange a particular vehicle had taken all the same exits as me. About three months later I found out who he was…your description was correct. At that point I knew I had to come see you again. On my second visit, again I was impressed by your accuracy into my current situation. I received an even more intense reading, including a medical scan of my aura, with you perceiving details that subsequently surfaced while at a visit to the doctor’s office. A third time I felt I needed some more guidance. Because I am so far away I opted for a phone consultation. Again I was pleased with the level of correctness even at a distance. From health to relationships, the information I have received from you has been right on whether by phone or in person. Your gifts are amazing! Your gift of knowledge has given me confidence in many areas of my life. You are a talented and gifted woman who sees, hears and feels the energy around you and others without an agenda. Your genuine caring attitude is one of generosity and concern for the well-being of your client as each time we have met, you have given more time and more help than were originally solicited. I appreciate that we have met and feel it is one more synchronized piece of the puzzle that is my life.

~ D.,

“My session with Rebecca was extremely rewarding. Her feedback gave me an opportunity to view my concerns from a fresh perspective. The reading was multi-faceted, giving specific and forthright information that I was able to put to use immediately. If you are at all interested in addressing the important issues in your life from a more spiritual, but still very practical standpoint, then a reading with Rebecca will provide you with that and more. I have benefited from reviewing the knowledge she shared and hope to have the opportunity to meet with Rebecca again in the future.”

~ Dianna Saffron
Cincinnati, OH

“I never considered consulting with a psychic until I came upon a flyer of Rebecca’s when I was in the midst of a personal relationship crisis. I investigated her website and was convinced to visit her by the outstanding testimonials on her page. Now I want to be sure to add a glowing one myself.I just want to say this up-front because I don’t want my point to get lost: Rebecca is talented and legitimate. She knew things about me and my family that shocked me, and several of her predictions have been illuminated. For example, when I asked her about my boyfriend, she said at the moment he was “changing something up with the refrigerator.” I had no idea what she was talking about, but when I went to his apartment right after the reading, the first thing he told me was that he had spent the afternoon trying to figure out where to put his mini-fridge and had decided to move it to the living room. It was a small and random detail, but it gave life to her reading right away and had me thinking about it constantly.She told me that on my trip to the west coast, my luggage would be mistreated. I was very watchful of the only bag I had on the plane, but the one time I had to check it because the plane was so small, it was returned to me completely drenched in a warm & wet coffee spill that ruined some of my clothes. She predicted that after being downsized, my part-time job search turn-around would be very quick (within a week), and it turned out that once I began the search I was hired almost immediately.

I believe, as she assured me when I worried about one of her predictions -that the future is not set in stone and all of our choices amount to a future that we’re constantly crafting. But Rebecca’s reading truly did help lay an outline for me in a time when I was faced with a difficult and emotional decision. And just as she claims, it really did make me feel better afterwards because I absolutely trust her foresight and her intuition. I highly recommend visiting her if you are the least bit curious or the most in need of guidance, and I hope that very soon I am able to visit her again, because to me her reading was priceless.”

~ Robin
Carmel, Indiana

“I’ve seen Rebecca twice and each time she has given me information that was crucial to me at that time in my life. During my first session she described my mother and father in great, accurate detail and also helped me find answers about an old friend and lover that had recently committed suicide.The predictions that Rebecca made for me all happened. My job changed, my relationship, which she had described as “dead weight,” finally ended.It’s been a tough road to navigate and when I found myself at a point where I needed reassurance on my path, I contacted Rebecca again. During our second visit, she confirmed things for me that I had doubted were my intuition. It was because of Rebecca that I found the strength to trust myself and my intuition. I had spent the last 8 months in a relationship I knew wasn’t right, with someone that told me all along my intuition was wrong! Rebecca told me things that I had already said or thought (sometimes VERBATIM!), and confirmed my feelings that the relationship was wrong for me. Sometimes, it’s our fears that stop us from realizing what we already know. And it’s people like Rebecca that can guide us through these times in our lives. She truly has been a gift in my life and I credit her for finally waking up a part of me I’d buried a long, long time ago. The ears long to hear what the heart already knows, and Rebecca makes a caring and gentle messenger.”

~ Rachel

“I have been going to Rebecca ever since I started at Indiana University as a freshman and am marveled at how wonderfully talented she is! Not only is she accurate, but she makes you feel sincerely welcomed. Rebecca’ readings are detailed and she gives you information to help you in any area you may need help in and goes beyond that! A beautiful gift she has! She is kind, funny and visiting her is always a pleasure! I have suggested many of my friends to her and they have also raved
about their sessions. I am sad I will be graduating soon and leaving Bloomington but I will definitely be calling her where ever I go! After seeing her, you will feel refreshed and ready to tackle anything! Guaranteed!”~ Brianna

“What first attracted me to Rebecca was her ability to read peoples’ energy. Rebecca was able to tell me what was happening to me in that moment. I needed validation that was exactly where I needed to be and doing exactly what I needed to be doing.”

~ Angelina
Bloomington, IN

“Rebecca has an incredible gift! She has been right-on in the three readings I have had. She is very descriptive and clear. She has predicted several things that have already happened, including my brothers passing, my boyfriend’s job change and my children’s new interest. She was able to describe, in detail, my children, my previous relationships, and my current health condition. My favorite visit to Rebecca would have to be after my brother passed. Rebecca was able to connect with him. She gave me details of the night he passed, including who was in the room. It was a huge comfort to me to be able to communicate with him…Every time I go to see Rebecca he comes through. I feel very blessed to have this connection. I highly recommend Rebecca. I have been to several different psychics but I have never received the details and accuracy that I get when I visit with her. Be sure to take a notebook, you will get a lot of information!!”

~ S. Adams
Bloomington, Ind.

There are crossroads, crises and crucial times in each of our lives, when faced with challenging choices confronting us it is difficult to see clearly. This is where Rebecca steps in. She uses her high energy state and intuitive gifts to shed light as to our best option. Personally, she steered me away from a path that would have been fraught with turmoil. Instead, she led me onto a path full of blessings.Thank you for assisting me to achieve clarity as to my best possible choice and solution.

As well, Rebecca is a benevolent professional. Whereas many are driven solely by profit, she is driven by her desire to assist and serve. She considered my financial circumstances at a time of need and kept her door open rather than closed.

~ Dale L.
Nursing Student

“Rebecca is truly an amazing soul! She informed me of three health issues that I wasn’t even aware I had, but I did seek the care of my doctor and resolved these issues…She told me I had an issue with my left breast, which a month later I found a small lump/nodule in my left breast. I went to my NP who then ordered a mammogram and the results identified a cyst. When I met with Rebecca I was filled with a sense of peace and she was able to enlighten me regarding my concerns. I feel blessed to have found Rebecca!

~ Brigette
Bloomington, Indiana

Spring in town

Spring in town

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